The T-6000 is a portable in-circuit programmer. It is specifically designed to program your EPROMs. PLD's, Microcomputers and other devices, in the field, after they have been installed in your circuit boards.

Significant cost saving in reduced board float are possible using in-circuit programming techniques in the field. Utilizing in-circuit programming also means you do not have to remanufacture your circuit cards to change the EPROM contents. This technique lets you safely and securely program and retest cards at the depot or field sites, you can redeploy the T-6000 at various job site to reduce board float cost and improve turn around time.

The T-6000 is housed in a water tight, high impact, space age plastic case with shock mounts to protect the programmer and optional UV eraser during transportation.

The T-6000 is usually delivered as a turnkey system, with one or more interfaces, designed to meet your specific requirements.


The T-6000 is fully self contained workstation with a custom interface adapter to mate with your circuit board(s), it is designed to withstand the shock and vibration of transportation. In addition, the case is water tight.

The T-6000 has built in 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, 24 character alphanumeric display and 12 position keypad. The entire programmer is suspended on a shock mounted frame. In the lid of your T-6000 you'll find a lift out , optional UV board size eraser. The eraser is held in place on shock mounts secured by four thumb screws. Inside the eraser the light bulb assembly is isolated from the eraser case on its own shock mounted frame to further protect it during transport.


We can adapt the T-6000 to virtually any board configuration you might need to program, 64 bi-directional address and data lines are provided for your flexibility. The system also has 2 power lines for programming as well as fixed 5 VDC for devices which may be on your circuit cards.

The power for programming on your T-6000 is supplied by switching power supplies that are controlled by digital to analog converters.


Reprogramming is easy when you have a T-6000 system. All you have to do is place the circuit boards in the UV board eraser and then reprogram your entire circuit board(s) on the T-6000. You simply plug in one or a group of broads and press one key to select "PROGRAMMING" from the menu. The T-6000 automatically blank checks each device on the board, programs the entire board and then tests the board to see that the entire data base has been properly programmed into the card, even at the upper and lower tolerance levels of Vcc.

The flexibility of the T-6000 allows it to program any size and shape of circuit board containing any mixture of EPROM's EEPROM's, PLD's, Microcomputers and other devices at one time. You eliminate your component handling steps and the original circuit board quality is maintained. Since the T-6000 is portable, you can take it to depot or field service locations for reprogramming.


You can realize significant cost saving in reduced board float by utilizing in-circuit programming. The T-6000 allows you to reprogram, firmware and circuit cards without having to remove the components.

The T-6000 is specifically intended for use in the field, whether you are at sea or on a flight line. The programming system can be enhanced with an optional built-in UV eraser. It is packaged small enough to qualify as carry on luggage aboard most commercial airlines.

By programming in-circuit you can treat the entire circuit board as though it is a single device no matter how wide the data bus is. You no longer have a break the data into small segments in order to program individual EPROM's. You no longer have to label each EPROM and you no longer have to separately test the boards after the EPROM's are installed. The technique improves your efficiency by reducing labor and quality control steps required to produce or reprogram a fully assembled, and tested circuit board with programmable device on it.

POWER 117VAC, 2.0 Amps (220VAC Optional)
WEIGHT 29 Pounds (13kg) with UV eraser installed
SIZE HxWxL 9 x 14 x 22 inches(23 x 36 x 56 cm)
TEMPERATURE -10 C to +75 C
HUMIDITY 10% to 99% non condensing
ALTITUDE Sea Level to 10,000 Feet
HUMIDITY 10% to 99% non condensing
ALTITUDE Sea Level to 10,000 Feet
WARRANTY One year from date of shipment on parts and labor, FOB Factory

Feature and specifications are subject to change without notice

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