UV6000 A UV board size eraser, intended for field use and in factory. The eraser is supplied in an optional water tight carrying case made from high strength plastic. The erasing tray can accommodate boards up to 15,75" x 7.75" x 0.70" in size or approximately 100 devices at a time.

The unit has a thumb wheel timer that can be programmed from one minute to fifteen minutes with an infinity setting. Four medical short-wave UV quartz tube lamps provide complete UV light coverage over the entire erasing tray, at 25,000 W/cm. The bulb assembly is suspended on shock mounts to help protect the bulbs during transportation. The eraser, when mounted in the optional carrying case, is suspended on shock mounts, to isolate the eraser from shock and vibration while in transit. The eraser is bolted to the optional carrying case with four thumb screws, and is intended to be used outside of the case during normal operations.

EP2 A small size UV erase that can handle 6 devices at a time. The EP-2 includes a built in timer. Typical peak irradiance is 5,200W/cm with a rated bulb life of 6,000 hours.

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